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Other things that are 80%... Like Soriano's Knee

With the news yesterday that Soriano’s knee is not quite perfectly happy, it spurred some thinking on my part about what other “things” could be evaluated at 80-85%. Here’s what I came up with.     Likelihood of disappointed Bears fans in 2010: 85% No money for free agents. No draft picks till the third... Read more »

Soriano's Knee at 80%

How familiar will this sight be in 2010? Cubs’ left fielder Alfonso Soriano admitted today that his knee is only at 80%. While the Cubs seem to be putting a positive spin on this, by noting Soriano expects to be 100% by the start of the regular season, such news can only cause alarm for... Read more »

Top 5 Things for Hawks fans to do during the Olympic Break

Of course during a season when Hawks fans could have watched an abundance of their players play in an NHL All Star game, we have the Olympics to take up that time slot and stretch it over three agonizing weeks. As we are still in the first week of these antics ruining our collective Blackhawks... Read more »

Cubs' hopes hang on Lilly's shoulder, and KNEE

I declare the Cubs season dead if there are on going problems with Ted Lilly this season. Statistically speaking Lilly has been the overall ace of the Cubs staff since joining the club in 2007. With Lilly now reporting a sore knee on top of the shoulder surgery he is already recovering from, this could... Read more »

The 2010 Cubs; Should we be excited?

  The Calm Before the Storm:   Clear sailing… As baseball fans nationwide prepare to reconvene, hopes remain high for 32 fan bases that 2010 will be the year for their team, and that is a familiar tale to Cubs fans. Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training on February 18, and this marks the... Read more »

Quenneville's goal tending loyalty turned?

To Niemi or not to Niemi? Blackhawks Coach Joel Quenneville may have made a final goal-tending statement this weeked as he opted to start Antti Niemi in back-to-back games over Christobal Huet going into the Olympic break. Niemi was mediocre during Saturday’s game against Atlanta, allowing 4 goals through regulation, but was rewarded with the... Read more »

Welcome! The Introduction

Welcome to The Way Things Should Be; a place for discussion, consideration and venting for all things related to Chicago sports.   Are you afraid of Lou Piniella daydreaming about cocktails during another Big Z meltdown? Not sure you have faith in the alliance of head coaches now assembled under Lovie Smith in hopes of a... Read more »