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Parks and Recreation: "Soulmates"

Let us come now to praise Aziz Ansari. When Parks and Recreation debuted, he was probably the second- or third-best known cast member (after Amy Poehler and maybe Rashida Jones), having built a following in sketch and stand-up comedy. But as the show evolved in its breakthrough second season, his Tom Haverford evolved into a... Read more »

Parks and Recreation: "Fancy Party"

Nothing fires up the network TV hype machine quite like a wedding episode. These make for reliable season finales or sweeps weeks entrants, they’re often beefed-up to an hour, and they’re rife with potential for guest stars playing wacky relatives. April Ludgate would roll her eyes at such spectacle (as she would at, well, basically... Read more »

Parks and Recreation: "Camping"

Leslie Knope doesn’t even own a laurel on which to rest. Not content to bask in the accomplishment of the Harvest Festival, she’s eager to get back to work and continue that success, like a championship sports team. It’s why her Parks Department foot soldiers (including her nominal boss) kinda can’t stand her, but it’s... Read more »

Parks and Recreation: "Harvest Festival"

Around a year ago, a friend remarked that she didn’t watch very many TV comedies because the ones she had seen all bore a mean streak, or were populated entirely by jerks. I immediately recommended she check out Parks and Recreation. A bad sitcom, like those my friend had watched, dislikes its characters and expects... Read more »