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Parks and Recreation: "Ron and Tammys" - Behind every good man...

Aristotle, in his Nichomachean Ethics, wrote of what is known as the Golden Mean: the notion that virtue exists on the midpoint of a scale, at either end of which is an opposite form of vice. Courage is a virtue, for instance, because it represents the mean between cowardice at one extreme and rashness at... Read more »

Parks and Recreation: "I'm Leslie Knope"

Comedy cliffhangers are never all that suspenseful. Sam is going to propose to Diane, not the councilwoman guest star. Ross is going to choose Rachel’s room at the beach house. Whatever happens on Hot In Cleveland is going to continue to happen on Hot In Cleveland. Parks and Recreation nevertheless deserves ample credit for sticking... Read more »

Parks and Recreation: "Soulmates"

Let us come now to praise Aziz Ansari. When Parks and Recreation debuted, he was probably the second- or third-best known cast member (after Amy Poehler and maybe Rashida Jones), having built a following in sketch and stand-up comedy. But as the show evolved in its breakthrough second season, his Tom Haverford evolved into a... Read more »

Parks and Recreation: "Fancy Party"

Nothing fires up the network TV hype machine quite like a wedding episode. These make for reliable season finales or sweeps weeks entrants, they’re often beefed-up to an hour, and they’re rife with potential for guest stars playing wacky relatives. April Ludgate would roll her eyes at such spectacle (as she would at, well, basically... Read more »

Parks and Recreation: "Camping"

Leslie Knope doesn’t even own a laurel on which to rest. Not content to bask in the accomplishment of the Harvest Festival, she’s eager to get back to work and continue that success, like a championship sports team. It’s why her Parks Department foot soldiers (including her nominal boss) kinda can’t stand her, but it’s... Read more »

Parks and Recreation: "Harvest Festival"

Around a year ago, a friend remarked that she didn’t watch very many TV comedies because the ones she had seen all bore a mean streak, or were populated entirely by jerks. I immediately recommended she check out Parks and Recreation. A bad sitcom, like those my friend had watched, dislikes its characters and expects... Read more »