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Revenge: "Infamy" - Burnin' Down The House

The climax of “Infamy” had me ruminating on Daniel Walters’s recent piece about the inherent tension in Revenge’s M.O.: How nasty can Emily Thorne get in her vendettas while still retaining the viewer’s sympathy? This week’s revenging-bag—sleazy muckraker-cum-muckproliferator Mason Treadwell—certainly earns plenty of enmity. Not only did he spin the Graysons’ version of the Daniel... Read more »

Cougar Town returns, and it's worth a weekly visit

Cougar Town returns from a ten-week hiatus with an episode tomorrow (9:30 p.m. EST / 8:30 p.m. CST, after Dancing with The Stars), before settling back into its usual slot at the same time on Wednesday. You already know this if you’re a regular CT watcher, and you almost certainly do not know this if... Read more »