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Sports Night Revisited, Episodes 8-11

Season 1, Episodes 8-11: “Thespis,” “The Quality of Mercy At 29K,” “Shoe Money Tonight,” “The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee Tech” When a friend of mine first started watching The West Wing, he remarked to me that he was surprised how funny it was. For a lofty political drama – which frequently discussed economic crises, capital punishment,... Read more »

Sports Night Revisited, Episodes 5-7

First, a programming note/apology: As you may (or perhaps more likely, may not) have noticed, posting has been sparse here lately. Partly this is due to good old fashioned writer’s block, but even more so to a particularly hectic schedule I’ve been under. I’m not sure what I’ll be able to get to among tonight’s... Read more »

Sports Night Revisited: The first in an occasional series

Sports Night Revisited: The first in an occasional series
One of the highlights of my dull and dispiriting summer of 2001 was falling for Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night. I can’t remember if I watched the show during its initial two-season run on ABC in 1998-2000, but it didn’t make an impression on me until I began watching the endless midday repeats on Comedy Central during... Read more »