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Test Pilot - Batman '66

Once again, I’ve joined Cory Barker over at TV Surveillance to discuss the first episode of a classic series for his Test Pilot feature. This time we tackle the one, the only, the legendary: Batman! Yeah, the Adam West one. Yes, it is as awesome as you remember from those weekday afternoons when you were... Read more »

Firing up the USA Show Generator 8000

Common Law, the latest model from USA’s light-hearted-mismatched-buddy-based-professional-procedural factory, rolls off the assembly line tonight at 10 p.m. (9 p.m. CST). You can read more about it, and the network’s model, in this CNN story that quotes noted USA Network scholar and friend of the blog Cory “Coriander” Barker. We here at The Vast Wasteland... Read more »

Your obligatory Perfect Strangers video game post

Look, we’re all seasoned Internet veterans here. I’ve seen this. You’ve seen this. It’s a thing. But this blog is devoted to television, and I would be remiss if I failed to document what is clearly the most amazing development in the world of TV-related culture in…weeks? Years? Our natural lives? I’ve played this... Read more »

TV Tandem Podcast: Refreshingly Boob-Free Edition

Tis true: This week’s Game of Thrones featured nary a sex scene. It didn’t have time, what with trying to keep track of roughly 700 storylines at the midpoint of the season. We’re disillusioned…but not, y’know, “Sally Draper” levels of disillusioned. Join me, Julie Hammerle, and Andrew Daar as we discuss Mad Men‘s “At The Codfish... Read more »

The shared M.O. of The Cabin In The Woods and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Having experienced them both for the first time recently, I can confidently say that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is an awful lot like Cabin In The Woods. Stay with me on this. (WARNING: Spoilers ahead for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Also for the cabin thing.) As you may know even if... Read more »

Après The Raven, le déluge

Feeding moviegoers’ insatiable desire to see 19th century American icons become gothic-horror action heroes (no, really, that’s apparently a thing now), this weekend sees the opening of The Raven. If you haven’t scratched your heads at/laughed yourself silly over the ads yet, The Raven stars John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe. In it, the author... Read more »

TV Tandem Podcast: Mad Men are from Mars, Westerosi Women are from Venus Edition

Sadism! Torture! LSD! Domestic violence! Shadow babies! Is it any wonder why Sunday night TV is so highly acclaimed? Julie Hammerle, Andrew Daar, and I return to break down the horror, possibly with a side of orange sherbet. Listen here or on iTunes, or drop some acid and maybe you can hear it piping out of... Read more »

The night is dark and full of podcasts

Looks like these Mad Men / Game of Thrones post-mortem double feature podcasts are going to become a regular thing! I know literally threes of you are ecstatic for this. Join Julie Hammerle, Andrew Daar, and yours truly as we venture from the blood-strewn streets of King’s Landing to the considerably tidier corridors of Sterling... Read more »

ChicagoNow TV Tandem Podcast Episode Ten

Mysteries abound in the latest installment of the podcast with me & Julie Hammerle! Who is TV’s new NICK DALTON? Which program caused Julie’s computer to quit recording in protest of our discussion? What poorly-rated show will we slavishly implore you to watch this week? Tune in to find out – or if you prefer,... Read more »

Upcoming TV adaptations of this year's Best Picture Oscar nominees

The Artist (USA): Do you think life on the sets of 1930s Hollywood musicals was all charming banter and quirky side characters? It is for George, Peppy, and Uggie! And maybe they solve mysteries sometimes too, for some reason? The Descendants (HGTV): HGTV explores the subtle family dramas that underpin every land inheritance and real... Read more »