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Mad Men: "The Phantom" - Shock to the system

Andy: “Are you alone?” Last season we ended on an answer: Megan accepting Don’s proposal of marriage. This season, we end on a question intent on upending everything contained in that answer. We end with Don, in an absolutely gorgeously shot sequence, striding away from a shrinking pane of color and light, into a darkness... Read more »

TV Tandem Podcast: Holy Crap Julie Hung Out With John Glover This One Time Edition

Holy crap you guys, Julie Hammerle hung out with John Glover – Lionel Luthor, Daniel Clamp, the voice of The Riddler – and she waited this long to tell us? Oh, also a little show called Mad Men wrapped up its fifth season, and we (along with Andrew Daar) reflect on “The Phantom” and the... Read more »

Mad Men: "The Other Woman" - Joanie's Choice

Three episodes to go this season for Mad Men, and this Sunday’s episode was perhaps the most contentious this season. The Barker Chappell Daglas review roundtable recovers from the holiday weekend to weigh in on “The Other Woman” over at TV Surveillance. An excerpt: My notes at the halfway point mostly centered on how the... Read more »

TV Tandem podcast: Landing's Burning Edition

Welcome to Sunday night TV, where a dude getting cleaved in twain by a broadsword with such force that his intestines become a jack-in-the-box isn’t the most nauseating thing you’ll see! That honor belongs, naturally, to Mr. Peter Dyckman Campbell, World’s Most Odious Pimp. Julie Hammerle and Andrew Daar join me to sift through the physical... Read more »

Mad Men: "Christmas Waltz" - The Kinsey Fail

The bad news is, the senior partners here at the Barker Chappell Daglas Reviewing Firm must forego our holiday bonuses this year. Turns out there’s not as much money in writing online for free as you’d think. The good news is, that won’t diminish our commitment to bring you our takes on this week’s episode!... Read more »

Mad Men: "Dark Shadows" - A Very Betty Thanksgiving

The Barker Chappell Daglas reviewing firm convenes in Les’s office this week to tackle Sunday’s Mad Men, “Dark Shadows.” An excerpt:   I’ll add one more name to your roll call of malice, albeit one with an asterisk. Pete’s sunken into a funk so deep that he can’t even spite someone without winding up a... Read more »

TV Tandem Podcast: Manic Pixie Dream Wildling Edition

I’m a day late on this due to being sick (NB: I did not murder any ex-girlfriends whilst in the throes of a fever dream). But here’s this week’s TV Tandem podcast covering Mad Men‘s “Dark Shadows” and Game of Thrones’s “A Man Without Honor.” Come for the Fat Betty, stay for the Jon Snow’s-a-virgin... Read more »

Mad Men: "Lady Lazarus" - Pete's draggin'

Once again, it’s time for Les Chappell, Cory Barker and me to put on a show and hope to wow Head of Desserts Mr. Belding. It’s the Mad Men roundtable on this week’s installment, “Lady Lazarus.” Cory hosts this week over at TV Surveillance. Here’s an excerpt from me: The elevator shaft fits with much... Read more »

Mad Men: "At the Codfish Ball" - Sally forth

Welcome to Week Six of the Barker Chappell Daglas Reviewing Trust, featuring my fellow traditionalists in the bosom arena, Cory Barker of TV Surveillance and Les Chappell of A Helpless Compiler. Grab a plate of head-on halibut and enjoy our take on this week’s episode of Mad Men, “At the Codfish Ball.” [For more three... Read more »

Mad Men: "Far Away Places" - Friday night and trouble-bound

Les Chappell takes hosting duties for this week’s Barker Chappell Daglas Roundtable Review, in which we tackle the trio of stories that make up “Far Away Places.” Here’s an excerpt: We disagree to varying degrees here. To me, Peggy’s story clicked as a manifestation of the career fears she expressed to Dawn in “Mystery Date.”... Read more »