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TV Tandem podcast: Landing's Burning Edition

Welcome to Sunday night TV, where a dude getting cleaved in twain by a broadsword with such force that his intestines become a jack-in-the-box isn’t the most nauseating thing you’ll see! That honor belongs, naturally, to Mr. Peter Dyckman Campbell, World’s Most Odious Pimp. Julie Hammerle and Andrew Daar join me to sift through the physical... Read more »

Why the urge to align with the good guys persists, even when the good guys don’t

Alyssa Rosenberg has a characteristically thoughtful post on the trend of TV shows which return to the clear designations of good guys and bad guys. It’s got me thinking about how some of my favorite characters who fit this bill actively serve as anti-anti-heroes within their own morally grey universes. Sometimes we need the stark simplicity... Read more »

TV Tandem Podcast: Manic Pixie Dream Wildling Edition

I’m a day late on this due to being sick (NB: I did not murder any ex-girlfriends whilst in the throes of a fever dream). But here’s this week’s TV Tandem podcast covering Mad Men‘s “Dark Shadows” and Game of Thrones’s “A Man Without Honor.” Come for the Fat Betty, stay for the Jon Snow’s-a-virgin... Read more »

TV Tandem Podcast: Ken Cosgrove Is Living My Childhood Dream Edition

One thing is clear and incontrovertible: America demands more Hot Pie. Julie Hammerle and I take to the podwaves to try and indulge that desire, as well as talking about the rest of this week’s Game Of Thrones, “What Is Dead May Never Die,” and two more (sadly Hot Pie-less) shows from Sunday: Mad Men‘s... Read more »

TV Tandem Podcast: Mad Men of Thrones Edition

By popular demand, the TV Tandem (Trio?) podcast returns! Julie Hammerle, Andrew Daar and I spend 40 solid minutes on the most pressing topic in the TV universe: Dickie Bennett’s hair. Nah, not really. We spend the first half discussing last Sunday’s season five premiere of Mad Men and the second half previewing this Sunday’s... Read more »