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Breaking Bad: "Live Free or Die" - Fatal Attraction?

The weekly dispatches from the Barker Chappell Daglas Reviewing Concern were such a success during the Mad Men season that we’ve decided to bring them back for the fifth season of Breaking Bad. Once again we’ll be alternating the full roundtable discussion among each of our blogs – Cory Barker’s TV Surveillance, Les Chappell’s A... Read more »

Why the urge to align with the good guys persists, even when the good guys don’t

Alyssa Rosenberg has a characteristically thoughtful post on the trend of TV shows which return to the clear designations of good guys and bad guys. It’s got me thinking about how some of my favorite characters who fit this bill actively serve as anti-anti-heroes within their own morally grey universes. Sometimes we need the stark simplicity... Read more »

Breaking Bad: "Face Off" - Gus in the wind

Remember how I’ve suggested that maybe Walt is seeking a bit of redemption and moral correctness since the knock-down drag-out with Jesse? About how his real tragedy might be that doom arrives at a time when he had begun to restore some part of his soul, and at the same time, our sympathy for him?... Read more »

Breaking Bad: "End Times" - Pinkman's Law

The final sequence of “End Times” echoed the final scene of “Crawl Space” last week: a plan imploded at the last minute, Walt crumbling in on himself, visual stillness assaulted by aural dissonance. But whereas in “Crawl Space” the staging was intentionally (and effectively) showy, something about the coda to “End Times” felt, in retrospect,... Read more »

Breaking Bad: "Crawl Space" - Down in a hole and I don't know if I can be saved

I had started jotting down notes while watching “Crawl Space,” as usual. I don’t remember exactly at what point I stopped—it might’ve been right around the time Ted Beneke took a header into the wall—but stop I had to, in order to try and process the rapidly escalating insanity. With two episodes remaining, we’ve hit... Read more »

Breaking Bad: "Salud"

Think back to when we first met Walter White. Before meth and ricin, before the porkpie hat and the Aztec, before Tuco and Jane and Gale. What first drew us to invest in Walter White, to root for his success, wasn’t any particular nobility or skill or charisma; it was his frailty. Life was straight-up... Read more »

Breaking Bad: "Bug"

In a lot of ways, Jesse’s a terrible criminal. For one thing, the kid just can’t completely shake his trusting nature. With a little bit of encouragement from Mike and Gus, however self-serving and likely fleeting, he’s able to imagine a niche for himself as a solid company man. Even though this could throw a... Read more »

Breaking Bad: "Problem Dog"

All season, the characters in Breaking Bad have been trying to accept dire circumstances. Hank, forced to adjust to his disability. Skyler, forced to learn the trade of a white-collar criminal both as a means of profiting off her husband’s career and of maintaining an illusion of order. Gus, forced to put up with his... Read more »