A Conservative Agenda to Save America

There are two ways to listen to what someone is saying. You can listen to what they SAY. Or, you can be attentive to the verbal and non-verbal clues that will tell you what they MEAN.

I've been listening attentively to what Fox commentators, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce bastion of conservatism and right-wing evangelicals have been saying about the state of America today, and I am pretty sure I have decoded what they MEAN. Their meaning can be summarized as:


America is being destroyed. Not by enemies from without. Not by natural disasters. America is being destroyed from the inside by the rot of socialism--socialism that dissolves the moral fiber of the nation. This putrid rot has to be stopped and reversed so America can once again stand tall and proud.

Leftists, progressives, socialists, communists and fellow travelers secreted the vile parasite of socialism into American life. Only bold action by conservatives and Christians can winkle it out and destroy it.

Here is what conservatives need to do to save America:

--Impeach Franklin D. Roosevelt. Efforts to impeach him during his lifetime failed due to socialist trickery in the Congress. Now he must be impeached posthumously. FDR opened the way for socialism to slither into America's  bloodstream. He still holds the left in thrall. Posthumous impeachment would finally put the stake in the heart of the socialist monster and destroy the socialist legacy.

--Rescind FDR's socialistic minimum wage legislation. Federally-mandated minimum wage promulgates laziness in workers and represses enterprise. Guaranteed minimum wage also forces businesses to overpay all of those Mexicans who would happily work for less.

--Abolish Social Security and its socialist offspring Medicare. Conservative voices in the wilderness warned against the nefarious effects of Social Security on the nation's moral fiber in the 1930s, and they were ignored by FDR and his socialist-communist claque. Conservative voices in the wilderness warned against the nefarious effects of Medicare in the 1960s, and they were ignored by Lyndon Johnson and the socialist claque who did not accept the principle that health is not a right but a privilege to be earned. Now the nefarious effects of Social Security and Medicare are all to apparent in Americans who rely on a socialist government to provide the health care and the retirement funds they should be providing for themselves through hard work and investment in the fruits of capitalism.

--Abolish socialistic government nutrition programs such as School Lunch and Women-Infants-Children. American children should not grow up sucking at the government teat, learning that they, like their lazy layabout parents, don't have to work in order to be fed.

--Enact legislation to make English the official language and Christianity the official religion of the United States. Socialist political correctness has taken the United States too far from its true American roots. If the legislation is legally challenged by leftists, we have anough right-thinking Justices on the Supreme Court to turn back the challenge.

--Enact legislation to make homosexual behavior and acts crimes punishable by imprisonment and heavy fine. Homosexual behavior is tolerated in a socialist society; it should not be tolerated in a Christian nation.

--Vote a posthumous Congressional Medal of Freedom for Senator Joseph McCarthy. Joe McCarthy showed the nation how it was beibng infiltrated by socialist and communist intrigue, and for his heroic efforts his political career was destroyed by that very socialist-communist conspiracy.

Bold actions, boldly taken--A conservative agenda to save America. 


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