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Exes don't always stay in the past, says new study

Exes don't always stay in the past, says new study
Those darn exes! If you didn’t think you had reason to worry about your main squeeze being captivated by an ex, then it may be a good idea to think again, according to a new Canadian study. Apparently, an ex can affect your current relationship more than you may realize. And, it works a couple of... Read more »

Do You Mean It When You Say "I Love You"?

Here’s the thing: In my dating and romantic life, I’ve said those three little words once. He was my first love and while I would say things were very intense, it wasn’t until almost a year into our relationship that I felt certain about what I felt. Looking back, there were probably a lot of... Read more »

Breaking Up Really DOES Hurt, So They Say

Breaking Up Really DOES Hurt, So They Say
So like most gals, when I’ve broken up with someone (or they’ve broken up with me) I’ve nursed it several ways: ice cream, going out with the girls, trying to find someone new to pass the time with… Anything to ease the sting… But, as it turns out, there’s also a PHYSICAL pain associated with... Read more »

Not Sure If It's Love? Give It Three Years!

Relationships, like seasons, change. They start off with heat, passion, sexy and all that other good stuff that drives people to do the strangest things in the name of love. Then, it ebbs and flows, and then it’s either meant to last or it isn’t. Pretty simple cycle when you break it down. But when... Read more »

Being Dumped Is An Attractive Quality (So It Seems...)

The last few years have been quite a colorful journey in the world of dating and romance: I’ve met and fallen a few times, in most cases when I’ve least expected it. And, while the past has bubbled up from time to time, it’s ultimately stayed where it belongs — in the past — as... Read more »