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Love In the Digital Age: A Look at HBO's "When Strangers Click"

Love In the Digital Age: A Look at HBO's "When Strangers Click"
Admittedly, while I’ve tapped into it once or twice, I’ve never been that big a fan of online dating. For me, there’s something about meeting someone by accident or when you least expect it that seems organic, natural and easy. And, while I rely heavily on the internet, I do it more for communication than... Read more »

Racial Stereotypes and Dating: Some food for thought

We preempt the regularly scheduled “She Says” (Which will be “He Says” next week) to bring you this bulletin… As a blogger & writer, I’m passionate to learn and break down as much as I can about all sorts of things, especially as it relates to dating and relationships. However, there are some things, for all the understanding... Read more »

A mixed take on the online dating thing

These days, there is no doubt that online dating is pretty darn popular. Sites like, eHarmony, OkCupid and others boast millions of members, all searching for potential love or even prospects for dating. And, because Internet is king, using it seems like a useful and practical way to find a date. That’s why when... Read more »