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Random, obvious lessons from Taylor Swift's breakups

Random, obvious lessons from Taylor Swift's breakups
I’ll admit that although I am not a committed Taylor Swift fan, there are a couple of truths I won’t ignore: (1) some of her music is pretty darn catchy and it’s so easy to get stuck in your head and (2) she’s so present in pop culture that it’s hard NOT to follow her.... Read more »

Lessons From An Inappropriate Flirt

Lessons From An Inappropriate Flirt
Because my 20s have been sprinkled with a fair share of casual dating, I haven’t really been confronted by any situations in which I’ve noticed a woman deliberately flirt with a guy I’m seriously with. The way I saw it, in those cases when I didn’t expect to be with someone long, I tried not... Read more »

Keep An Open Mind For A Little Lovin' in 2011

Christmas may be the time for all the warm and fuzzies… But New Year’s Eve? Now that’s a time of a little debauchery, saying good-bye to the year that has passed, and hopefully ringing in a new year where you can start off again — in-style. I’ll admit that while I love Christmas myself, it’s... Read more »

Holiday Love Reflections: Don't Let The Past Dictate The Future

Now that we’re approaching the end of another year, it’s easy to start making checklists of what you can do differently in the hopes things will be better than they were before (hence, the idea of resolution-making). But, if you’re like most people, resolutions, while easy to make, are hard to stick to, mainly because... Read more »

He Says #002: Dating Insights Guys Wish You Knew

If you’ve been following the RD, you’ll notice that on Fridays, I’ve been posting random tidbits from women and men on what they wish dating prospects knew before asking them out (“She Says” or “He Says”) While many of them are pretty open and shut, I figured these helpful reminders are cool, especially before hitting the weekend... Read more »

In Dating, Don't Ignore the Privacy Clause

Throughout all my dating experiences, there’s one personal rule I can say I’ve tried to obey: respecting privacy & mystery. And this includes all sorts of things: asking too much more about the past than I can handle, reading personal papers and definitely checking cell phones. All forms of privacy are ones I’ve tried to respect, not because I’m not dying... Read more »

Dating Reality Check: A strong man can say he's sorry...

I’m going to go ahead and admit a broad generalization I once held when I started dating: like many ladies, I believed that men were too macho or stubborn to apologize when they’ve screwed up or did someone wrong. And, with situations like Casanova’s or Jason’s — times where I shouldn’t have tolerated most of... Read more »

Notes from the single scene: Stay focused to land the digits!

Even though dating has its tricky points, being single and available for mingling can be a ton of fun. Especially when you’re talking about hitting up bars full of fresh, like-minded people, holding the beer on special (which I find in Chicago, tends to be tons of Miller Lite), and really just enjoying the flirtation... Read more »

He Says #001: Dating notes guys wish the ladies knew

For weeks, I’ve been posting those fun tidbits ladies wish guys knew that would help them on the dating scene or with that cutie they’ve been crushing on… Also known as “She Says,” it’s become a compilation of those things that make the difference between a simple meeting and an actual date. Last week, I... Read more »

She Says #005: Another round of dating insights ladies wish men knew

It’s Friday and time for another round of tidbits ladies wish men knew! If you’re catching up: On Fridays, I’m posting up little tidbits ladies wish men knew in the early stages of dating and courtship. Basically, little tips that turn it from a first meeting into (maybe, if you’re lucky) a series of dates!... Read more »