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In a case of boy meets girl, attraction matters

On a night out, it’s not far-fetched to say that when a woman finds a guy she’s physically attracted to, she’s more than likely doing everything she can to make sure he knows she is into him. Have it be a smile or getting touchy feely, it’s a matter of making sure he knows what’s... Read more »

She Says #004: Even more dating tidbits ladies wish men knew

In the early stages of dating (or even just meeting someone on a random night out), remembering a couple of little things can make the difference between a second date and a slap in the face. Not hard things to remember, mind you. But still useful little tidbits nonetheless.That’s what I’ve been calling “She Says”—... Read more »

Tasting a little "Eye Candy": Notes on one sexy Chicago hot spot

Despite any loopy dating stories I may tell, I know Chicago has got some nice Eye Candy Potential — you know, fun, sexy spots where you can soak up its decor, admire the mixed crowd, sip on a few nice cocktails, listen to great music, do a little flirting… It basically combines all the must-haves... Read more »

Some random notes about big city dating

In the time I’ve had the pleasure of dating in Chicago (I use that term partly loosely), I’ve come across many types of nights, guys, incidents and experiences that not only shape my experiences of dating, but also of sex, love and relationships into dating, especially in a big city. Basically, it’s all been very... Read more »

Chicago singles DO play the game: Old dating moves that make lasting impressions

One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about dating in a big city like Chicago is the opportunity. With a wide mix of bars and places to just go, there really is a little something for everyone. And now that summer’s truly here, the single scene is ripe for the picking — if you want... Read more »