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Racial Stereotypes and Dating: Some food for thought

We preempt the regularly scheduled “She Says” (Which will be “He Says” next week) to bring you this bulletin… As a blogger & writer, I’m passionate to learn and break down as much as I can about all sorts of things, especially as it relates to dating and relationships. However, there are some things, for all the understanding... Read more »

In a case of boy meets girl, attraction matters

On a night out, it’s not far-fetched to say that when a woman finds a guy she’s physically attracted to, she’s more than likely doing everything she can to make sure he knows she is into him. Have it be a smile or getting touchy feely, it’s a matter of making sure he knows what’s... Read more »

There really ARE benefits to monogamous sex

Although I am an active in the single and dating scene (and appreciate the value of having casual sex), I always value one thing about being in a committed relationship: knowing there was someone that I could be intimate with on a regular basis. That was one of the best things about my relationship with... Read more »

Guys: When you ask for a date, the direct approach may make a better impression

One of the things that amuses me about guys is the way that they vary in the way they approach women, especially in Chicago’s single scene. I’ve been asked out all sorts of ways, which shows me a lot about a guy. And, the way he asks will determine whether I accept — of course,... Read more »

Chelsea Clinton "can do better"? In love & dating, everyone's got an opinion

Let’s face it: at some point many of us have looked at a couple and tried to decide how they ended up together. Or, we’ve assessed how compatible — at the very least on a physical level — we think they are, making sidebar commentary such as: Oh they’re so cute… How did HE get... Read more »