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Sexy Sundays at Steppenwolf Theater Bring Out Chicago's Sexiest Bloggers

While there are tons of things going on in the world of The RD, here’s the hottest (right now): this Sunday, at 5:30, you’ll get to hear her talk about the fine line between public and private when it comes to dating, sex & blogging. Tricky combination, let me tell you! Now the question is:... Read more »

The Relationship Diva is on ChicagoNow!

Being new to the ChicagoNow community, I wanted to set myself up with a brief self-introduction post! My name is Jenina and since some time in 2008, I’ve taken my experiences, thoughts, opinions and lessons learned about Chicago’s dating scene and housed them all under a blog I called The Relationship Diva. Now, I’m happy... Read more »