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Dear Chicago Men: Bring Sensitive Back in 2012

Dear Chicago Men: Bring Sensitive Back in 2012
Dear Men/Guys of Chicago (Regardless of Status*): I recently came across a study published by that made me sigh a little. It called out the top 10 cities to find the Most Sensitive Men. And lo and behold… Chicago wasn’t on it! I won’t say this surprised me, exactly. After all, this isn’t the... Read more »

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Breaking Up The Right Way, You Say?

Break ups are a total downside to relationships, obviously. So, how would end it with someone you’re not romantically linked to but has a role in your life?┬áThis may be where you have to consider a little etiquette, which is exactly what The RD chatted about on ABC Chicago’sWindy City Live recently! Check it out!... Read more »

Sexy Spring Fling Time, New Crush Time!

So spring is here (Well according to the calendar)…And while it may be taking its time to make itself known, it’s pretty much coming at us, and we start to think of all that heat that will soon be coming our way with summer… Admittedly, I’m convinced that the change in season means great things... Read more »

Mind-blowing Bedroom Fun... Or Super Bowl? (Random Stats)

Photo Credit: Last night’s playoffs were a disappointment, especially to the tons of loyal Chicago Bears fans out there… However, I’m sure that many non-football loving girlfriends are happy that they may at least get their guys back with the season being over. Sunday night’s loss may have hurt.But it seems that some random... Read more »

Dear Chicago: You're a Special Kind of Sexy (An Open Letter)

NOTE: After a trip to Miami, I decided to write a letter to let this city know that despite it all, I appreciate it — including its roller coaster dating scene. Dear Chicago, I’ve been away from you for a while, having a secret affair — with the ever popular city of Miami. Sure, it... Read more »

Chicago's a top five city for online dating? Go figure!

Newsflash to all you Chicago daters: You’re in luck! This is actually a pretty good place to be for online dating, according to some news. Apparently, the Windy City is ranked fourth in using online dating at, preceded by Miami, New York and Los Angeles. The press release, which hit just a few days... Read more »

In love, flames simmer, but sparks don't always die

In the time I’ve been immersed in the single scene during my adult life, I’ve learned a few random lessons, like: how a hot outfit does wonders for your confidence on a Friday night; or how it’s still possible to have a high school type crush as an adult; or, how the ever dreaded beer... Read more »

Falling in love... After falling in love

Like a lot of things in life, dating happens in total waves: the highs, the lows, the drama, the boredom, the frustration, the passion… In short, it can be a crazy, hectic roller coaster and a total blast if you’re open to it. That’s why it’s even cooler when you do have the chance to... Read more »

Definitely a friend, maybe a lover

What do you do when someone you’ve known as a friend suddenly has the potential to become even more? This is the very issue that seems to be affecting my friend Veronica* these days. In the past, I’ve definitely explored a couple of issues she’s faced in the love game: for one, keeping a relationship... Read more »