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Couponing On A First Date? Attractive Or Not?

Couponing On A First Date? Attractive Or Not?
I’ll admit it: I’m a deal nut. Groupon, LivingSocial, Poggled… You name it, I’m a huge fan of it. (Something that isn’t so bad since men seem to find “frugal women” attractive, according to another old study) And, since my boyfriend Sav and I like to go out, I find great value in using them,... Read more »

Vote for The RD as Chicago's Most Valuable Blogger

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Breaking Up The Right Way, You Say?

Break ups are a total downside to relationships, obviously. So, how would end it with someone you’re not romantically linked to but has a role in your life? This may be where you have to consider a little etiquette, which is exactly what The RD chatted about on ABC Chicago’sWindy City Live recently! Check it out!... Read more »

Sexy Spring Fling Time, New Crush Time!

So spring is here (Well according to the calendar)…And while it may be taking its time to make itself known, it’s pretty much coming at us, and we start to think of all that heat that will soon be coming our way with summer… Admittedly, I’m convinced that the change in season means great things... Read more »

Mind-blowing Bedroom Fun... Or Super Bowl? (Random Stats)

Photo Credit: Last night’s playoffs were a disappointment, especially to the tons of loyal Chicago Bears fans out there… However, I’m sure that many non-football loving girlfriends are happy that they may at least get their guys back with the season being over. Sunday night’s loss may have hurt.But it seems that some random... Read more »

Flirting Lessons & Fun at the One Night Only Concert Series

Alright, I’ll admit it: while I’m totally open to dating all types of guys and attending all sorts of bars and social scenes in Chicago, I, like many people just like what I like. For example, as an original New York native, I love watching baseball at a NY-friendly bar, so Gaslight in Lincoln Park... Read more »

Dear Chicago: You're a Special Kind of Sexy (An Open Letter)

NOTE: After a trip to Miami, I decided to write a letter to let this city know that despite it all, I appreciate it — including its roller coaster dating scene. Dear Chicago, I’ve been away from you for a while, having a secret affair — with the ever popular city of Miami. Sure, it... Read more »

Notes from the single scene: Stay focused to land the digits!

Even though dating has its tricky points, being single and available for mingling can be a ton of fun. Especially when you’re talking about hitting up bars full of fresh, like-minded people, holding the beer on special (which I find in Chicago, tends to be tons of Miller Lite), and really just enjoying the flirtation... Read more »

Sexy Weekend Giveaway: Table at the Back on the Market Party

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (well, not really but whatever), you’re probably in the know that my pal Ana has been weathering a difficult break-up. And, after going through as much of the pain as she possibly could, she’s decided to celebrate her return to the dating scene in style THIS FRIDAY, September... Read more »

Chicago's a top five city for online dating? Go figure!

Newsflash to all you Chicago daters: You’re in luck! This is actually a pretty good place to be for online dating, according to some news. Apparently, the Windy City is ranked fourth in using online dating at, preceded by Miami, New York and Los Angeles. The press release, which hit just a few days... Read more »