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Dear Dad: All I Want For Christmas Is...

Dear Dad: All I Want For Christmas Is...
For being the one who likes to examine and tackle all things relationship (and has delved into love, sex, romance, break-ups and friendships), I’ve been pretty skittish in tackling family relationships, mainly because that kind of dynamic is one that even goes over my head and throws my analytical skills out of whack. It’s especially... Read more »

Spying On Your Spouse? The Dangers Of New Technology

Quick Note: So it’s been a while! But I’ve been on the road working on various projects, and will soon slow back down to share some relevant stories with you… Not just romantic ones. But other ones that have recently found themselves back into my life. In the meantime, though… Sure — one of the... Read more »

Holiday Love Reflections: Don't Let The Past Dictate The Future

Now that we’re approaching the end of another year, it’s easy to start making checklists of what you can do differently in the hopes things will be better than they were before (hence, the idea of resolution-making). But, if you’re like most people, resolutions, while easy to make, are hard to stick to, mainly because... Read more »

"Love & Other Drugs" Offers Doses of Beauty and Pain (Review)

It’s true — there ARE studies that imply that romantic comedies can totally do some harm to your real life romance. But if you’re looking for a sexy and touching lesson in what it really means to fall — and be — in love, then you should see “Love & Other Drugs,” in theaters today.... Read more »

Five Things You Should NEVER Apologize For In Dating

One of the things I’ve learned when it comes to matters of the heart is that whether we like it or not, things ultimately happen the way that they’re supposed to. Sure, we can think out every move in the hopes that things work in our favor. We could even let the chips fall where... Read more »

In Dating, Always Ask And Never Settle

So, I’m going to share a (little) secret: Up until a couple of days ago, I’d been seeing someone. Someone that I was really excited about and that I thought had potential — which is why I kept mum on the situation, so that I could get a better handle on it. However, now that... Read more »

In Dating, Credentials Shouldn't Overshadow the Red Flags

When I first moved to Chicago and started dating as a “grown up,” I was admittedly looking for a “total package” guy. And yes, I’ll admit included what I thought were desirable traits would largely be ones that look good on paper and were based on what many people can find on a resume: schools,... Read more »

In Dating, Don't Ignore the Privacy Clause

Throughout all my dating experiences, there’s one personal rule I can say I’ve tried to obey: respecting privacy & mystery. And this includes all sorts of things: asking too much more about the past than I can handle, reading personal papers and definitely checking cell phones. All forms of privacy are ones I’ve tried to respect, not because I’m not dying... Read more »

Sacrificing Friendship For a Fling? Not So Cool...

One of the things I love about the girls that I keep close is that despite it all, they’re loyal to the end. Sure we may clash, drive each other crazy at times… But they’re loyal, I can count on them, and when it comes to guys, we have it out so there’s no issue... Read more »