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On Dr. Oz Tomorrow: Dangers of Stress in a Relationship

This just in, a public service announcement from The Relationship Diva: In a relationship? Stressed out about it? Apparently, it can take quite the toll on your body, causing a lot of serious health issues. And, if this may be you, then you may want to check out Dr. Oz tomorrow, who may shed a... Read more »

How You Flirt Tied To Relationship Success? Apparently!

Have you ever thought about HOW you flirt? Sure, trying to get someone’s attention is one, natural thing to do… But actually doing it? That is, the matter and style in which you do it? That’s another one, entirely. Ladies & Gents, take note: how you flirt makes a heck of a difference as to... Read more »

Go ahead, fall in love... But it'll cost you two friends!

As I often state, I love news about relationships. Not just because I’m fascinated by random pieces of information, but because I think it’s interesting what these insights tell us about relationships…. Or, it’s fun to think about if nothing else. That said, I should go ahead and bring to your attention the latest piece... Read more »

A frugal lady is a sexy lady!

I’ll admit it: I have been turned off by a guy that keeps too tight a wallet, especially on a first date. Now, don’t misunderstand: Having taken care of my own finances since the age of fifteen, I’m not one who cares for too much flash or a guy that throws around cash as a... Read more »

There really ARE benefits to monogamous sex

Although I am an active in the single and dating scene (and appreciate the value of having casual sex), I always value one thing about being in a committed relationship: knowing there was someone that I could be intimate with on a regular basis. That was one of the best things about my relationship with... Read more »

The balance between career and love requires work, but it's worth it

As a gal that’s often had academic and career successes at the top of her mind, I’ve always had to balance that with having a love life. And there are many times when it’s been fine, having exes that have also been very career driven so we kept similar work hours and spent our nights... Read more »