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Single Or Not, Just Love LOVE On Valentine's Day (A Manifesto To Cupid, Part II)

Like many, many, many single hearts, I found myself getting REALLY fixated on Valentine’s Day for no other reason other than the fact that… Well, it gets really easy to think there’s something wrong with being single. And, while I sort out a lot of questions in my romantic life, I realize that through it... Read more »

Flirting Lessons & Fun at the One Night Only Concert Series

Alright, I’ll admit it: while I’m totally open to dating all types of guys and attending all sorts of bars and social scenes in Chicago, I, like many people just like what I like. For example, as an original New York native, I love watching baseball at a NY-friendly bar, so Gaslight in Lincoln Park... Read more »

He Says #001: Dating notes guys wish the ladies knew

For weeks, I’ve been posting those fun tidbits ladies wish guys knew that would help them on the dating scene or with that cutie they’ve been crushing on… Also known as “She Says,” it’s become a compilation of those things that make the difference between a simple meeting and an actual date. Last week, I... Read more »

She Says #005: Another round of dating insights ladies wish men knew

It’s Friday and time for another round of tidbits ladies wish men knew! If you’re catching up: On Fridays, I’m posting up little tidbits ladies wish men knew in the early stages of dating and courtship. Basically, little tips that turn it from a first meeting into (maybe, if you’re lucky) a series of dates!... Read more »

She Says #004: Even more dating tidbits ladies wish men knew

In the early stages of dating (or even just meeting someone on a random night out), remembering a couple of little things can make the difference between a second date and a slap in the face. Not hard things to remember, mind you. But still useful little tidbits nonetheless.That’s what I’ve been calling “She Says”—... Read more »

She Says #003: Even more about what ladies wish men knew

Being Friday, it’s time for another installment of “She Says,” bits of insights that I share each week about what ladies wish the guys knew in the dating scene. Usually, it’s how you start things off that determine whether you get the second date, after all. So, I thought I’d pass along little jewels each... Read more »

She Says #002: More dating insights ladies wish men knew

So, my apologies for not including a “She Says” last week, as I got caught up in my work and life. However, I think these will happen on a rolling basis on alternate Fridays, unless there are burning ones that just have to be shared. If you’re just tuning in, here’s the deal: based on... Read more »

She Says: Dating insights ladies wish men knew

  Every time we start seeing someone new, we’re bound to quickly learn about what we do and don’t like about them. And it’s natural for us to keep mental notes of these things, to decide if the person really is a good fit for us — or at least have a chance to make... Read more »