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Exes don't always stay in the past, says new study

Exes don't always stay in the past, says new study
Those darn exes! If you didn’t think you had reason to worry about your main squeeze being captivated by an ex, then it may be a good idea to think again, according to a new Canadian study. Apparently, an ex can affect your current relationship more than you may realize. And, it works a couple of... Read more »

Holiday Love Reflections: Don't Let The Past Dictate The Future

Now that we’re approaching the end of another year, it’s easy to start making checklists of what you can do differently in the hopes things will be better than they were before (hence, the idea of resolution-making). But, if you’re like most people, resolutions, while easy to make, are hard to stick to, mainly because... Read more »

In Dating, Credentials Shouldn't Overshadow the Red Flags

When I first moved to Chicago and started dating as a “grown up,” I was admittedly looking for a “total package” guy. And yes, I’ll admit included what I thought were desirable traits would largely be ones that look good on paper and were based on what many people can find on a resume: schools,... Read more »

In love, flames simmer, but sparks don't always die

In the time I’ve been immersed in the single scene during my adult life, I’ve learned a few random lessons, like: how a hot outfit does wonders for your confidence on a Friday night; or how it’s still possible to have a high school type crush as an adult; or, how the ever dreaded beer... Read more »

You can't push a lover to come to your rescue

In the early phases of a new relationship, it’s natural to ride the “honeymoon wave”: spending tons of time together, acting lovey-dovey, constant dates, make-out sessions… It’s all sexy, a rush and a thrill. It’s hard to think that things will ever change. But soon, you see someone’s true colors come to light: the idiosyncracies,... Read more »

Literally being addicted to love? Apparently so

There’s no doubt that love has its upsides — as long as you have real expectations, of course. But, love as addictive as a drug? It seems that way. I’m not referring to feelings or highs, although it’s been talked about and sung about since the beginning of time. Nope, it looks like some brainy... Read more »