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Could Amanda Bynes Be Smarter Than We Think?

Here’s a random truth for you: I was a huge Amanda Bynes fan once upon a time. Since her early days on Nickeloden, actually. To me she was sort of the female Jim Carrey. Only a girl, pretty and closer in age. But whatever. She was cool. She was funny. And she seemed to anti-Hollywood... Read more »

Why the Manti Te'o Fake Girlfriend Story Can Go Either Way

When it comes to the recent Manti Te’o story, some people want to feel very bad for him… Others can’t help but be convinced he was a part of it because in this day and age, it’s TOO unbelievable that he wouldn’t have done more digging to verify how real she was. (Although there IS... Read more »

What we can learn from Kristen Stewart's public apology

What we can learn from Kristen Stewart's public apology
Here’s a poorly kept relationship secret: sometimes, people cheat. Yes, I know. It sucks, it’s not right nor is it OK, but it happens every now and again. And, even more shocking : it’s not just limited to ordinary folks.┬áBut yet, the heated conversations that have set the internet by storm following Kristen Stewart’s revelation... Read more »