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Four Truths About Long-Term Relationships (And One Resolution)

Four Truths About Long-Term Relationships (And One Resolution)
So I took a little vacation lately from my story-telling life. Something happens when you get out of the 20s, work intensely in your day job and… This may be a good time to let you into a little tidbit that I’ve been trying to keep fairly quiet for quite some time now. Not hiding it,... Read more »

Don't Forget The Love After Valentine's Day

Don't Forget The Love After Valentine's Day
I was 13 when I had my first “real” Valentine. He was 14, my friend’s older brother and a freshman in high school. And, although we’d only met once, as it goes, we were smitten with each other. So, by the end of the call, we’d decided we’d be each other’s Valentines, even though it... Read more »

Being Dumped Is An Attractive Quality (So It Seems...)

The last few years have been quite a colorful journey in the world of dating and romance: I’ve met and fallen a few times, in most cases when I’ve least expected it. And, while the past has bubbled up from time to time, it’s ultimately stayed where it belongs — in the past — as... Read more »

How Common Is Electronic Dating Violence?

You often hear about online dating, tips, trends and the like all the time. And, we’re even familiar with some downsides, like online stalking, harassment. However, if you take it one step further, how often do we hear about other types of relationship negatives online — like, say, “electronic dating violence”? Admittedly, I wasn’t familiar... Read more »

How You Flirt Tied To Relationship Success? Apparently!

Have you ever thought about HOW you flirt? Sure, trying to get someone’s attention is one, natural thing to do… But actually doing it? That is, the matter and style in which you do it? That’s another one, entirely. Ladies & Gents, take note: how you flirt makes a heck of a difference as to... Read more »

Go ahead, fall in love... But it'll cost you two friends!

As I often state, I love news about relationships. Not just because I’m fascinated by random pieces of information, but because I think it’s interesting what these insights tell us about relationships…. Or, it’s fun to think about if nothing else. That said, I should go ahead and bring to your attention the latest piece... Read more »

Weird Love News: Virtual Girlfriends Cure Lonely Spells

During any dating dry spell, a person can certainly get lonely. For some, the temporary relief can come with things like sex toys, one-night stands or videos. But how about a virtual girlfriend that you can spoil rotten? According to this news story which ran on WSJ Online, it looks like it’s possible, through a... Read more »

The balance between career and love requires work, but it's worth it

As a gal that’s often had academic and career successes at the top of her mind, I’ve always had to balance that with having a love life. And there are many times when it’s been fine, having exes that have also been very career driven so we kept similar work hours and spent our nights... Read more »

Remember: In dating, you can tell when Mister or Miss Right Now won't last

In dating, it’s a pretty good bet that at one point in time, many of us may have overlooked some traits a person may possess that would be clear flags that they’re not for us — I know I have! Instead, we’ll stick in out in the hopes we’re wrong or that we may discover... Read more »

Literally being addicted to love? Apparently so

There’s no doubt that love has its upsides — as long as you have real expectations, of course. But, love as addictive as a drug? It seems that way. I’m not referring to feelings or highs, although it’s been talked about and sung about since the beginning of time. Nope, it looks like some brainy... Read more »