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Dating Site Told You You're Hot? Well, Maybe You're Not!

This (funny and slightly twisted) piece of news just in: Dating site (which I’ve mentioned before has apparently dumped 30,000 people off of their online community, according to What, you ask?! Here’s the skinny: apparently, the site was attacked by the Shrek virus (how appropriate), which caused the site to let in thousands... Read more »

Weird Love News: Virtual Girlfriends Cure Lonely Spells

During any dating dry spell, a person can certainly get lonely. For some, the temporary relief can come with things like sex toys, one-night stands or videos. But how about a virtual girlfriend that you can spoil rotten? According to this news story which ran on WSJ Online, it looks like it’s possible, through a... Read more »

Niche dating sites target the beautiful AND the ugly

Here’s one indisputable fact: Dating can be a tough game. It’s about find someone that works for you in as many ways as possible: someone that shares a lot of your interests, can have fun with — and of course, someone that you’re physically attracted to. What’s more is that there isn’t always a clear... Read more »

Sext-Extortion scam leaves lonely-hearted broke AND single

I’ve always loved weird media stories, especially those on love and dating (which, you may probably be able to tell with some of the ones I share here from time to time). Because, for as much as I may talk about the highs and lows of dating, it’s stories I come across that remind me... Read more »