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Mind-blowing Bedroom Fun... Or Super Bowl? (Random Stats)

Photo Credit: Last night’s playoffs were a disappointment, especially to the tons of loyal Chicago Bears fans out there… However, I’m sure that many non-football loving girlfriends are happy that they may at least get their guys back with the season being over. Sunday night’s loss may have hurt.But it seems that some random... Read more »

Go ahead, fall in love... But it'll cost you two friends!

As I often state, I love news about relationships. Not just because I’m fascinated by random pieces of information, but because I think it’s interesting what these insights tell us about relationships…. Or, it’s fun to think about if nothing else. That said, I should go ahead and bring to your attention the latest piece... Read more »

There really ARE benefits to monogamous sex

Although I am an active in the single and dating scene (and appreciate the value of having casual sex), I always value one thing about being in a committed relationship: knowing there was someone that I could be intimate with on a regular basis. That was one of the best things about my relationship with... Read more »

Dating site for virgins? In dating and love, it's not all about sex

In this day and age, living in sexually liberal society, it’s hard to imagine that very many people don’t have some type of experience with sex. However, according to poll reported on ABC, it looks like three percent of the population can claim their “V” cards. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s... Read more »

The balance between career and love requires work, but it's worth it

As a gal that’s often had academic and career successes at the top of her mind, I’ve always had to balance that with having a love life. And there are many times when it’s been fine, having exes that have also been very career driven so we kept similar work hours and spent our nights... Read more »

Giving up sex for not gaining weight? New study reveals how obsessed we are with our bodies

So it looks that our fear of gaining weight is affecting our desire for sex: nearly 50 percent of women and a quarter of men would rather worry about their physique than do the dirty… The results come in from Nutrisystem and are a doozy: people would even pass up a promotion and give up... Read more »

TLC's "Strange Sex" series profiles quirky sexual behaviors and attraction

When we think about sex, it’s not often too off the wall: some fantasies, maybe being with that special one (or two special someones, depending on what turns you on), different positions that can take you to whole new euphoric levels are just some examples. Essentially, we think not only about the act, but also... Read more »

Fourth of July may also mean fireworks for Windy City lovers

This weekend, we have the honor of celebrating our nation’s birthday, which, to many, is a real sign that summer has arrived and a chance for real recreational fun. Basically, it’s is the bridge to the rest of the season and all that goes with it: warm summer nights, cookouts, baseball games, bar hopping without... Read more »