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Sexy Sundays at Steppenwolf Theater Bring Out Chicago's Sexiest Bloggers

While there are tons of things going on in the world of The RD, here’s the hottest (right now): this Sunday, at 5:30, you’ll get to hear her talk about the fine line between public and private when it comes to dating, sex & blogging. Tricky combination, let me tell you! Now the question is:... Read more »

Mind-blowing Bedroom Fun... Or Super Bowl? (Random Stats)

Photo Credit: Last night’s playoffs were a disappointment, especially to the tons of loyal Chicago Bears fans out there… However, I’m sure that many non-football loving girlfriends are happy that they may at least get their guys back with the season being over. Sunday night’s loss may have hurt.But it seems that some random... Read more »

Embrace your sexy: Lessons from a pole dancing class

When it comes to dating, there’s one thing that’s true: confidence is sexy. The truth is that the people that we’re most drawn to have a quality about them we just happen to notice. It’s that “IT factor”, that element of being comfortable in their own skin, and able to catch your attention with their... Read more »

Fourth of July may also mean fireworks for Windy City lovers

This weekend, we have the honor of celebrating our nation’s birthday, which, to many, is a real sign that summer has arrived and a chance for real recreational fun. Basically, it’s is the bridge to the rest of the season and all that goes with it: warm summer nights, cookouts, baseball games, bar hopping without... Read more »