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Cubs fans and dating in the World Series

Cubs fans and dating in the World Series
So, coming off the euphoria of Sunday’s win, we know the next few days are critical for the Chicago Cubs. I mean, we’re talking the World Series here. This is an important time for any Cubbie fan, which means it’s totally no-nonsense. As a baseball fan myself (Yankees, thank you very much), I can appreciate... Read more »

Sexy Sundays at Steppenwolf Theater Bring Out Chicago's Sexiest Bloggers

While there are tons of things going on in the world of The RD, here’s the hottest (right now): this Sunday, at 5:30, you’ll get to hear her talk about the fine line between public and private when it comes to dating, sex & blogging. Tricky combination, let me tell you! Now the question is:... Read more »

Falling in love... After falling in love

Like a lot of things in life, dating happens in total waves: the highs, the lows, the drama, the boredom, the frustration, the passion… In short, it can be a crazy, hectic roller coaster and a total blast if you’re open to it. That’s why it’s even cooler when you do have the chance to... Read more »