Catwoman is a sexy source of inspiration

Catwoman is a sexy source of inspiration
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Growing up, I thought of comic books as more of a “boy’s thing”. Me? Like any other young girl, I preferred the Baby Sitter’s ClubHarriet the Spy or anything by Judy Blume. But never comic books. They weren’t girly enough – or so I used to think.

It wasn’t until I got into adulthood that I not only jumped on the blockbuster bandwagon of movies based on comic books – including The Avengers and of course The Dark Knight Rises – but also got into reading the stories themselves. That’s when I realized how such bad ass female characters like Catwoman, slickly portrayed by Anne Hathaway, can offer sexier inspiration than I would have ever thought possible.

Let me explain.

When I entered my first serious relationship several years ago, I spent the first couple of months being cautious, watching everything I said, everything I did… I watched myself so much that I couldn't really be myself. Granted, I’d always been a confident person in every other aspect of my life. However, each date was like starting all over again. Eventually, I found my way but even then I don’t know that I was ever totally comfortable.

I have no idea why, but it took me a bit to realize something. Relationships take a LOT to make them work: patience, an open-mind, a willingness to make errors – and a whole lot of confidence. You’re often going to trip, fall and get up… And trip, fall, and get up again. Really, it’s a very messy, dramatic, cycle with no guarantees and no telling which way the winds will turn.

In short, it can make you crazy. So why do it, right?

Well, it also offers all the highs and emotional lows that make life worth living. It’s the emotion found in the best songs and movies and people would do just about anything to have it. For such powerful stuff, you can’t take your chances at being passive and playing by every single rule, can you?

No you can’t. Which means you should always bring your best, sexiest and fiercest version of yourself. However that works for you.

So, to bring us back to comics. On one of my first dates with my current boyfriend, I took a random trip with him to the comic book store. He was really into them, but I hadn’t been. But soon, I discovered female heroines and realized I loved reading about fierce, confident gals that could give their male counterparts a run for their money – they taught me a thing or two, and embodied so many of the traits I knew I had but wasn’t always so great about putting forward when it came to a version of me in relationships.

And that’s when I got inspired by Catwoman: she’s fearless and sexy, she’s bold, a risk-taker, unapologetic for her actions and feelings and goes after what she wants. She’s ambitious, headstrong and not much for playing by the rules. To top it all off, she’s got an intensely forbidden love affair with her biggest rival and she’s fearless about pursuing it. No, you can’t help but be impressed – and intoxicated – by the idea. You know, the whole cat burglar thing aside.

Essentially her character is a great reminder of many of the traits I should adopt in my own approach to love. So when I felt a bit of doubt, somehow, getting in touch with my inner Catwoman made me feel that much more empowered.

In that case, I’ll take a comic book over most other how-to guides any day.

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