Drinking, Food and Dating: By the numbers!

Drinking, Food and Dating: By the numbers!

We, as daters are entitled to having our own preferences. Especially when it comes to what turns us on... And especially what turns us off. But admittedly, it seems like we've set way too many for our own good.

A survey released recently by TODAY.com and and Match.com reveals just how deep our preferences run -- and you may be surprised by what women -- and then folks in general -- are willing to GIVE UP for their favorite foods:

  • If forced to choose, 39% of single women would rather give up sex than their favorite food for a year over the 16% of single men would give up sex for their favorite meal. I mean, ladies, really?
  • What's more: Of those who said they'd rather give up sex over their favorite food, 26% said chocolate was the number one food to trump sex, followed by 25% who would rather choose a juicy steak.

I love a delicious piece of chocolate... And I'm all about a yummy piece of steak. But not sure I love them that much more than other things, if you know what I mean.

That's not all... Looks like there are some numbers for the guys. And gentlemen: If you ever thought we found it sexy that you drink your weight in beer when you're out with us, you would be mistaken.

And these numbers -- which should also be considered total DON'Ts, by the way -- only prove that:

  • Nearly 70% of women said it was a big turn-off if their date had more to drink than they did, while 23% of single men and women said it was a turn-off if their date had nothing at all to drink.
  • Alcohol ordering etiquette: When it comes to drinking alcohol on a date, 43% of singles said they order a drink "most of the time" while 40% said they would only order a drink if their date ordered one as well.

And clearly, we have a close-minded thing here when it comes to meat eaters:

  • As it turn out, those that enjoy meat aren't as open-minded as vegetarians.  The study revealed a whopping 30% of meat eaters reported that they would not be open to dating a vegetarian...
  • Meanwhile vegetarians are a WHOLE other matter: Only 4% of vegetarians stated they would not date a meat-eater. Goes to show that they get that the world eats meat -- and won't hold it against someone. Meat eaters, can't you show the same love compassion?

Here's one I thought made sense though: a majority of singles are turned off by picky eaters. Nearly 70% of singles are turned off if a date lacks desire to try certain types of food... And 32% of singles would be turned off by a date's lack of food knowledge.

The reason this makes sense? If you're not willing to try a food, makes you wonder how open-minded someone is.

Of course, these study are not encompassing of everyone, but still telling when you see these sharp trends!

Lesson here: Preferences are OK... Giving up some of life's pleasure -- or keeping a closed mind to dining and drinking preferences --Not such a good idea.

So, what do you think? Got any crazy preferences?

Oh and... Happy dating!

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