How Do You Spell Love? 'The Avengers', That's How

How Do You Spell Love? 'The Avengers', That's How
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Want to show your sweetie you care? Try comic books.

Rewind here: When Sav and I started getting serious way over a year ago, I wanted to look for all sorts of ways to get closer, because ideally when you're into someone, that's what you try to do. I quickly learned he was a comic book nut, so when I got an extra ticket for a free private screening of Thor before the movie's release I brought him as my plus one.

Then, when Free Comic Book Day came around, I kicked off an outing to comic book stores in our neighborhood. What resulted was a great day and an activity that brought us even closer.

So, fast forward to the present... And knowing like TONS of other fan boys that he would be on pins and needles to see it (and only days before his birthday no less), it was suddenly key to score midnight screening tickets. Was I trying to earn brownie points? Maybe on some level. But, it was more than that, really. No, I realized that comic books, in their animated glory, were a good thing for my love life. Simply put, it...

  1. Allowed me to take part in his world: Sav and I, for being so different, have SUCH unrelated interests. But, by popping into his world on occasion -- without taking it over, gave me a chance to relate to him and open up to his interests. Go figure!
  2. Provided us with a chance to try something new together: In comic books, Sav is king... So, this gave him a chance to teach me and and in turn help us experience something together.... While giving us something else to talk about
  3. Is a non-verbal expression of taking him for who he is: By joining Sav in on his passions, I not only supported his interests, but allowed myself to open up my mind... And maybe fall in love with it myself.

Truthfully, it's actually become a lot of fun and I'll read comics from time to time. And while I don't get it all (nor am I am overzealous fan girl) it's allowed me to appreciate something that he enjoys... While giving me a a chance to be a bit more creative as a girlfriend.

On all counts, I would say that's a good thing indeed. So if you know a comic buff, consider it. It has its advantages!

Next up: Free Comic Book Day (again)!


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    Wow...never thought I'd see an article that finds a link between Avengers and better relationships. Good stuff. What you're saying here is that women are attracted to guys who have a full life that they can share with them.

    Also, another good article that compliments yours was on Yahoo news today. Here's a link to it:

    This one is about a radio show that talks about how watching Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man can also teach guys a lot about how to attract women.

    And here's a link to the show that they're talking about:

    Never thought "superhero" movies were so full of hidden relationship advice until I heard this show and read your article. Interesting thoughts from both of you.

  • In reply to Wesley Miller:

    I appreciate your thoughts, Wesley! It seems to make sense to me especially since at the end of the day, it's about building on shared experiences!

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