Sexy Stats About What Turns Us On In Politics

Sexy Stats About What Turns Us On In Politics

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've noticed that the political talk is RIPE these days! Occupy Wall Street has made it into the pop culture mainstream... And even the GOP debates are standard/comedic/intense fodder for the news, blogs and more.

Well, political leanings aside, I couldn't resist sharing a few humorous numbers that made their way into my inbox this morning, courtesy of the folks for Wet (yes, those intimacy folks), which I thought took a crazy political landscape and added a nice, sexy spin to it. The company took a small sample of about 250 people between the ages of 18 and 55 (52% women, 48% men) to find out whether politics turned them on. The results are intriguing:

  • 26% of people said the political term “Filibuster” would make the best sexual euphemism.  Other popular choices were “Hanging Chad” (20%) and “Privatize” (20%) (NONE of these words are in the slightest bit sexy, mind you)
  • Top fantasy locations for a politically-charged tryst are Mount Rushmore (which 40% of people chose) and a Voting Booth (32%; I can see that!)

For stats that shocked me a bit...

  • "Only 19% of participants felt that someone’s political views affected their preferences between the sheets – which may explain by an overwhelming majority of respondents (91%) are not opposed to dating someone with different political views."  (OY! As a person with liberal leanings, this one bugged me. It would have to be LOVE for me to take up with someone who's views are WAY different than mine)
  • Sarah Palin was elected the sexiest controversial politician with 48% of the votes. (Which means that people MUST dig her naughty librarian vibe!) Other candidates included Bill Clinton (23%); Anthony Weiner (13%); Michele Bachmann (12%); Eliot Spitzer (4%). It helps that all the men on this list have had quite the scandals in their day.

What do YOU think? Does this turn you on to politics?

Note: Thanks to the PR team for Wet for sharing these. Thoughts are my own.

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