Break Up By Facebook, Text Or Email? One Third Of Us Already Have!

Break Up By Facebook, Text Or Email? One Third Of Us Already Have!

C'mon Social Networking Junkies, tell the truth: Would you use Facebook to help do your dirty work? Like, say, break up with someone? How about ask someone out?

If all of you said you would do no such thing ('cause of your moral code or something), then you have to be fibbing. Or, a new study by Lab42 would make a liar out of you. According to the research, it seems that people are leaning a LOT on social media when it comes to ending a relationship. What, you ask, would people leave up to social media when it comes to their relationships? ABC did a great job of breaking it down:

  • A third of adults over the age of 18 have indeed broken up with someone by Facebook, text or email
  • 40 percent said they would use Facebook to break up if the situation were to arise
  • More than half of people surveyed said they change their Facebook relationship status immediately after a break-up
  • Only 42 percent of the people polled said they would contact someone in person to ask them on a first date. The rest said they would use Facebook, phones, text, email or other methods to reach out

Sure, it isn't a surprise that it happens -- but the numbers are a shocker. When did we get to be SO scared that we use FACEBOOK to handle our break-ups, make-ups and budding romances? And what does this say about how we treat the delicate issue of ending relationships?

I once met a guy who asked for my Facebook page over my number. And another time I had a guy friend me MINUTES after meeting me out on the town. In BOTH cases I did the same thing: Blow him off. If that was his opener, it showed me two things: (a) He was lazy and/or (b) He was chicken. And neither guy sounds like it was worth the effort.

I'll admit: In a past life, I did the "tough talks" by email and I've blown off and been blown off via text, mostly in cases of guys that I knew were just casual dating situations. I've even sent "Hey there" texts in the early stages of dating. But, there are some things that I won't even let the almighty Facebook do, like rob me of being asked out or even breaking up. I say that if you have the nerve to end it or even want to have a first date, then you can at least look someone in the eye doing it. Besides, texts -- and not even Facebook statuses -- have emotions. That's the difference.

Ultimately, some things aren't meant to have a character limit. If that makes me old school, then I'll take it.


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  • If it was a long term relatinship of more than 6 months, and I was broken up with via Facebook or Text, I would be livid. How rude. I am a total computer junkie; however, break up with people face-to-face.

  • Agreed! Thanks David! But what about short term relationships? Do you think it doesn't matter?

  • I think a short term relationship (less than a month?) could constitute a, over-the-phone break up. I do have another question..where does intimacy come in to play? If you are intimate with a person, does that change how you should break up with them?

  • Hi Liz!

    WITHOUT A DOUBT if you're intimate it should change the way you break up with them. It's one thing if it's a one night stand... But if you date someone, then hop in the sack, the least you can do is give them the courtesy. If you let them see you in the buff how could you NOT break up face to face? :-)

  • Well as someone who has been dumped via email and text, I also dumped someone via phone call in the past I think that no matter how you do it the person being dumped will be pissed. Also you may find out about a level of craziness that you never knew about.

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