Annoyed With The Single Question This Holiday? You're Not Alone!

Annoyed With The Single Question This Holiday? You're Not Alone!

"Are you bringing someone home for us to meet this year?"

Most daters have probably heard such a phrase in SOME form every holiday and if you're single, it probably gets annoying. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, the idea of togetherness during the season can get a little frustrating if you're flying solo. So much so that people may even start to put out ads looking for temporary companionship.

And if that isn't enough, it looks like some poll numbers by revealed that lots of singles are hung up on the same thing. According to their most recent survey, we've all been hung up on the status thing:

  • Nagging questions are the top source of holiday stress for singles.  Of all of the stresses tied to the holidays, 41.3% of singles polled said that dealing with the “why are you still single?” question from family and friends was the most tiring issue to deal with — more so than even finding a date for a holiday party, which only 9.7% of respondents chose as their top stressor. 
  • NEARLY 50% of singles want to find a new romantic interest -- more than finding a job (46% of singles, to be exact) reported that their number-one wish for this year is to find a new romantic interest they could bring home for the holidays — even more so than finding a new job or getting the new iPhone.
  • Men are more likely to lie to family about their single status this time of year.29.2% of men admit to having lied about being single to family members during the holidays to avoid any associated pressures, vs. 16.7% of women.

Having an especially nosy family, I can tell you that after a certain number of times, it was starting to get exhausting explaining WHY I was single in the past. Some of my ORIGINAL fallback responses?

  • Work was more of a priority: "Auntie, I date... I'm just really focused on work and enjoying that part of my life right now."
  • Not finding the right person: "Uncle dear, it's hard to find a good match! I want to make sure whomever I bring home is someone I'm into."
  • Not quite ready: "Papa, I would love to be in something... But in time when I'm ready. I like being single right now." (You would hear so many of the women in my family gasp at that one)

However, after a couple of years, I tried a couple of random answers, just for fun:

  • The Crazy Family Route: "I was seeing someone great, but broke up with him right before coming... I just couldn't subject him to our insanity." (For some reason, the aunt I said that to didn't find it funny)
  •  Playing the Field: "Frankly, I'm just having too much fun playing the field at the moment. Being someone could lead to me having to do this same mess at someone else's home." (That one wasn't well received either. I thought it was funny, though)

Truth is, as long as we date and families exist, these questions will cease to go away. However, if they should ever bubble up again, I'm a fan of having the smart answers ready to go...

How do YOU cope with the holiday-relationship question?


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  • What I haaaaaaaaaaate more than anything is when family members ask me "So when are u gonna have some kids?" I wanna yell "I'm not married! What, do I have 'unwed mother' written on my forehead or something?" I'm not saying anything is wrong with someone else being an unwed mother...but something is terribly wrong with ME doing it. Nobody wants to hear that crap during the holidays. I say we turn it around on them and say something like "So...I hear your husband doesn't come home until midnight on some nights. Do you think he's using protection?" Burnnnn :o)

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