Why Polar Opposites Can Attract In Dating

Why Polar Opposites Can Attract In Dating

The last few months have been a whirlwind with writing, my offline work and even the couple thing, which I casually mentioned after an annoying incident with an even more annoying waitress... But I digress.

Anyway, in the last few months, I've been learning the ins and outs of the whole "couple" thing and specifically the special qualities that make someone special to you. And, while dating Sav, I've learned a lot about being with someone -- a process all it's own. Sure, I'd had experience being with Charles seriously, but given the lack of "formal title," our inconsistency and the amount of time I've spent being single, I've been severely out of practice... Which means I've had to learn again and quickly.

Truthfully, it's been filled with a lot of what you would expect for a new relationship: the laughs, the fun, the butterflies, the bickering, the making up. Basically, it's been comprised of all the intensities of a relationship in its early stages. Sounds cute and ideal, one would say.

However, once you brush all that aside, it's clear we're getting past the "honeymoon" phase and focusing understanding each other's quirks. And in that case, it can get really real. For example, Sav is a little OCD. And, while I'm not a slob, because of my hectic work schedule, I can be something of a clutter bug! That's something I don't invite everyone in my life to see.

Similarly, we don't watch too much of the same things -- he's into the History Channel, G4 and the Food Network. Which I'll watch, sure, but not quite as regularly. I'm into reruns of shows I've seen a million times, hokey Lifetime and Hallmark movies, a dash of reality TV. Imagine what fun the remote sharing can be.

Thing is, despite these polar opposing traits, we (somehow) have managed to find middle ground. And, our schedules have been so different, we take advantage of what we can when we are together.

Sure -- he likes his music loud and not so mainstream while I can listen to the Top 40 at medium volume and be happy. However, the point here is that even with these quirks, there's something that clicks. And that's what I'm rolling with.

What tomorrow brings, I'm not sure. I, of course, only hope for good things. But in the meantime, I like to think of our quirks as those special little traits that make someone even more attractive to you. And as long as you can respect those things, then maybe it'll be OK, differences and all.

Yes, I would say that this can be a very good thing.

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