Dating Site Told You You're Hot? Well, Maybe You're Not!


This (funny and slightly twisted) piece of news just in: Dating site (which I've mentioned before has apparently dumped 30,000 people off of their online community, according to

What, you ask?!

Here's the skinny: apparently, the site was attacked by the Shrek virus (how appropriate), which caused the site to let in thousands of people. As it turns out, it let in a bunch of people who... ah... Didn't fit the qualifications to be on the site.

But here's the kicker. Because of the calls the site was receiving, I suppose, they've now set up a counseling hot line to deal with all those rejected people confused about the attractiveness they thought they were.

Now, sheesh! This is a killer. Granted, all sorts of sites have a right to exist, albeit a bit messed up... But... Well, wow. As Jezebel so eloquently put it:

Basically, feels that it's better to lose an easy
$100,000, set up a rejection hotline for the people they rejected, and
devote countless hours to the removal and counsel of these folks than
it would be to admit people who may not fit their standard definition of
Danish-style beauty... [Jezebel, June 20, 2011]

It's funny. To go through all this trouble for a site. After all, people will gravitate towards who they want to, right? I'm sure we've all wondered how someone we may deem more attractive ended up with someone else... Some match-ups just happen!

What are your thoughts?

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