Not Sure If It's Love? Give It Three Years!


Relationships, like seasons, change. They start off with heat, passion, sexy and all that other good stuff that drives people to do the strangest things in the name of love. Then, it ebbs and flows, and then it's either meant to last or it isn't. Pretty simple cycle when you break it down.

But when do you KNOW that you've had just about enough of someone's drama? 
Admittedly, I'll say that I've been (ahem) overly tolerant in my past lives (Think Jason or the Casanova here). And the things I've put up with I would say have been my feeble attempt to make sure I'm not missing his secret charm or letting a potential "the one" slip past me (or to buy my time for someone else, I suppose). So instead I let things fade or I cut them off at the knees. 
But, I will say that things have never dragged that long. And, I've never let some super annoying things slide if I know I can't deal.
However, it seems that in the name of love, people are willing to tolerate a lot -- and for three years at that! Or, so says a study that CBS just reported on...

Commissioned by Warner Brothers to promote the release of a new UK flick, the study was conducted based on a survey taken by 2,000 British adults in steady relationships. The study pointed out that the thee year mark is the time when relationship stress levels peak and points to a new trend of time away from their partners in order to keep things going in their relationships.

Here's the other thing: also at this three year mark, things you may have found somewhat quirky suddenly aren't so sweet -- something dubbed as "passion killers" in the study. 

While the full list can be found on the CBS website, some of the items on the list are pretty obvious: hygiene issues, lack of romance, bathroom habits and excessive drinking (man, you should address those way before three years). But then there were ones like lapsed fashions that gave me a chuckle.

And it looks like number one is weight gain. (Willing to bet more guys than gals on that one!)

The professors definitely cited some good theories: "grass is greener" complex and instant gratification, for example. But is that all?

Maybe. Or maybe you just fall out of love?

Not quite sure if there is one answer.  But, if you really are in love and it's the real deal, I'd wager that in three years, the things you'd find endearing should still be endearing. Otherwise, how real was it?

Just a thought. But that I throw in your court.

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