Mind-blowing Bedroom Fun... Or Super Bowl? (Random Stats)


Photo Credit: ChicagoBears.com

Last night's playoffs were a disappointment, especially to the tons of loyal Chicago Bears fans out there... However, I'm sure that many non-football loving girlfriends are happy that they may at least get their guys back with the season being over.

Sunday night's loss may have hurt.But it seems that some random stats I just got indicate that a little nookie would be preferred over watching even your favorite team win a national championship...

Confused, right? So was I.

But Wet* (you know, the maker of some of those intimate products) said that 88% of respondents would rather have one night of mind-blowing sex than
watch their favorite sports team win a national championship, such as
the Super Bowl.

Nearly 90%?! That's a tough one to process, given how many insanely intense football fans I saw out last night. But, it looks like that isn't all, according to some additional numbers they sent:

  • Almost
    four in ten respondents (38%) indicated that they have better sex when
    their (or their partner's) favorite sports team wins a big game.
  • Around
    9% of respondents (or their partners) have withheld sex because their
    favorite sports team lost an important game.
  • Almost two
    thirds of respondents (65%) would rather have one night of mind-blowing
    sex than win a trip to the Super Bowl.

Now, the first two I can buy, especially given how I get with the Yankees during baseball season. But the third one? Have a feeling that would be a hard one for many to take in...

Have to admit -- with just around 200 people surveyed, this is, of course, more entertaining than anything else. But football fans -- if your team made it into the Super Bowl would it be easy to pass that up?

*Thanks to Wet for sharing these random tidbits for posting to this blog...

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