Weird Love News: Virtual Girlfriends Cure Lonely Spells

Man wearing futuristic device touching finger of woman

During any dating dry spell, a person can certainly get lonely. For some, the temporary relief can come with things like sex toys, one-night stands or videos. But how about a virtual girlfriend that you can spoil rotten?

According to this news story which ran on WSJ Online, it looks like it's possible, through a video game for Nintendo DS called LovePlus+...

The way it works in a nutshell is this: Guys can have a virtual girlfriend in the video game that, upon completing certain tasks and earning points, they can end up taking a "real" vacation with them to an island, Atami. This game becomes so real thing that there are deals for these "couples" and some hotels recognize the guys that do this to be part of a part of a "pair" -- all in the spirit of the game, of course.

While I can go into the intricacies of the game, the question at hand from a love and relationship standpoint is simply this this: In the era of dating and virtual reality, have we become so lonely (and given up on real, human love) that we're willing to court the image of the perfect companion?

This game seems to be a huge hit in Japan and while I know there are virtual games in which people have supposedly found love in real life (like for example, a virtual reality space where you can create your own avatar and socialize with others), I'm starting to think that LovePlus+, which seems to eliminate a human companion from the equation entirely, is a clear example of how far people would go to avoid feeling lonely...

In cases like these I'd have to say that technology (which I am certain is the 8th Wonder of the World, I kid you not) is a dangerous little tool when it starts filling in for real people and love. Now THAT is creepy.



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  • Yeah, that is pretty creepy. I prefer real life to the virtual any day!

  • You and me BOTH.

  • I agree.

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