She Says #005: Another round of dating insights ladies wish men knew

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It's Friday and time for another round of tidbits ladies wish men knew!

If you're catching up: On Fridays, I'm posting up little tidbits ladies wish men knew in the early stages of dating and courtship. Basically, little tips that turn it from a first meeting into (maybe, if you're lucky) a series of dates!

This are typically from ladies to men, although men's thoughts are always welcome. You can visit past posts here.

And on that note, this week's "She Says," after the jump...

Presentation is Everything: It fascinates me how many men are out at a bar on Saturday night and don't seem to care much about how they come off to potential dating prospects.  I'm not talking about designer threads and a smile that looks like it's been bleached in white. But, it's fair to say that neat clothes (a fun shirt can help) and reasonably fresh breath would go a long way with a lady -- especially on the first meeting!

That's it. Enjoy your holiday weekend... And take advantage of the last days of summer!

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