Sexy Weekend Giveaway: Table at the Back on the Market Party

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Unless you've been living under a rock (well, not really but whatever), you're probably in the know that my pal Ana has been weathering a difficult break-up. And, after going through as much of the pain as she possibly could, she's decided to celebrate her return to the dating scene in style THIS FRIDAY, September 10 -- at one of the sexiest bars I know, The Fifty/50. Besides the fact that the guys that frequent the place are hot and the owners are total sweeties, it's a great bar and a fabulous place to celebrate a return to the dating scene.

That said, Ana has decided to give some of her friends (like the Queer Guy Tells It Straight and yours truly) the chance to give away tables. And the best part? Winning the table comes with a $30 credit off your bill. Plus, there should be some fun throughout the night and the perfect opportunity to say out with the exes... And in with the sexy single scene!

Find details about the party -- and how to win the table -- after the jump...

Date & Time: Friday, September 10. Ana will arrive around 8!

Location: The Fifty/50, 2047 West Division (Between Damen & Hoyne)

The Drink Thing: There will be an Absolut Hosted Cocktail Reception from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and for one night only, the bar will be renaming their new Absolut Corazon cocktail as the Accidentally Sexy (24 oz, $10; A mix of Absolut Mandarin vodka, Absolut Ruby Red vodka, blood orange juice, pomegranate juice, club soda and Sprite.)

Last tidbits: Bring along the douchiest picture of your ex-boyfriends because she will a) personally deface it, making it into a one-of-a-kind work of art, b) if it is judged to be the douchiest of the night, you will win a Fifty/50 t-shirt.

Details on the table:
As I mentioned, the table comes with a $30 credit towards your final bill.  The only rule is that you have to be there by 9:00 p.m.

To win? I'm gonna make this easy. The first person to e-mail me at therd [at] gets it! And, I'll announce the winner on the blog Friday morning.

Lesson here? The best way to get over someone after you've mourned is to get back into the saddle!

Check out the Facebook invite and sign up to go! And, you can also read her post for more about the party...

AS OF 9/10/10: THE WINNER IS BEX ALLEN of LAKEVIEW! See you tonight, hon!

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