Racial Stereotypes and Dating: Some food for thought

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We preempt the regularly scheduled "She Says" (Which will be "He Says" next week) to bring you this bulletin...

As a blogger & writer, I'm passionate to learn and break down as much as I can about all sorts of things, especially as it relates to dating and relationships. However, there are some things, for all the understanding in the world, just seem to confuse me a bit, such as the recent report by OKCupid, "The REAL Stuff White People Like," which used personal info from various bios on the site to create general racial categories of people's interests...

In response to the OKCupid post, I have to admit that I dug what YourTango said on the subject. In fact, I thought author of the post, Denise Ngo, made a really nice point here:

"While it might be tempting to use OKCupid's report as a crutch or a primer to dating interracially, what's more important, especially when it comes to online dating, is to use interests individuals list out as a means of getting to know the person, not the race as a whole. It's presumptuous to assume that a Latino woman will take you bachata dancing just because she's Domnincan, but if her profile specificially lists bachata as one of her interests, then by all means, ask her to teach you a couple of moves--so long as you don't have two left feet."

Glad to see this come through. And I wonder what the conversations around this will be like.

Chime in -- What do you think about OKCupid's recent post?


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