Notes from the single scene: Stay focused to land the digits!

Young man and woman in bar

Even though dating has its tricky points, being single and available for mingling can be a ton of fun. Especially when you're talking about hitting up bars full of fresh, like-minded people, holding the beer on special (which I find in Chicago, tends to be tons of Miller Lite), and really just enjoying the flirtation and the uncertainty of what the night will bring.

Over the last few years, with the help of partners in crime like Marisol, I've had the distinct pleasure of learning that through all the clutter, the Windy City has its own very unique dating scene. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's entertaining nonetheless. Especially when getting a first look at all the random dating bloopers guys make when trying to land a girl -- whether just her digits or more.

Now this one would usually be a "She Says." But, I found the actual story behind it so freakin' silly, I had to share it with you guys...

I was out with a bunch of friends, which included Marisol, her sister Suzy and Darren, enjoying the scene at a very popular Wicker Park spot. In times past, the place never seemed to let us down in terms of entertainment and flirting potential and this night was no different.

Anyway, in time, Marisol and I had wandered over to the bathroom and when we made our way out, came across two guys who had been hanging out in the back. One of the two immediately took the Marisol, commenting that he wanted to make her his "wife."

At this point, I'll admit: Marisol's admirer was adorable but more of a soft teddy bear in comparison to his quieter, but cuter friend. However, it was this teddy bear that had no qualms about putting the moves on Marisol so at the very least I was impressed by his direct approach.

In any case, Marisol, who was clearly not interested, did well to slowly shrug herself off while I talked to his friend. However, maybe it was all the libations flowing, but soon I noticed that she was gone. And it was me left with these two guys.

Noticing she disappeared, I tried to bow out as well. But, not before Mr. Teddy Bear, who had been so persistent about Marisol, suddenly found me as his next target, seemingly unaffected by the fact that he'd been ditched.

What did I do? Cleverly sneak away, of course. But, in any case, I made my way back to the other side of the bar and to my friends.

As I recounted the story, there was only one thing that stood out in my mind: this guy tried to go from one girl to another, in the hopes of improving his chances of getting some action that night. In the process, he decided to ignore the possibility that maybe I wouldn't be interested since he just tried to hit on my friend.

NOT sexy.

Lesson here? Simple. Keeping a little bit of focus (and not trying to bounce between friends) may do wonders to improve your chances of getting somewhere with your target. And, if you're not getting any nibbles, move on. With a little focus and the right aim, you're bound to have something good come of it soon enough.

Take a lesson from the Book of the Tortoise: sometimes slow and steady DOES win the race.

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