He Says #001: Dating notes guys wish the ladies knew

Women Flirting with Man

For weeks, I've been posting those fun tidbits ladies wish guys knew that would help them on the dating scene or with that cutie they've been crushing on... Also known as "She Says," it's become a compilation of those things that make the difference between a simple meeting and an actual date.

Last week, I had a conversation with Darren over drinks. And in the midst of trading notes about our lives over his Patron shots and my Barcardi drinks at a downtown bar, he gave me some good insights I decided to use as the first set of notes for "He Says."

And with that said, a peek into what guys wish the ladies knew after the jump...

Don't Be Afraid To Take A Chance: In talking to Darren and circling in with other guys after the fact, one thing is clear: many, many of them find it sexy when a woman tries to woo them! Apparently, not only does it display confidence but it piques a guy's interest since most women are doing the exact opposite and waiting for the guy to do the heavy lifting. So, you're bound to stand out in his mind.

And here's another thing to consider: If he's got his eye on someone else but you approach him, that may be just the ticket to get him to redirect his energies...

That's it for this week's "He Says." Go out this weekend, and get your game on!

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