Go ahead, fall in love... But it'll cost you two friends!

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As I often state, I love news about relationships. Not just because I'm fascinated by random pieces of information, but because I think it's interesting what these insights tell us about relationships.... Or, it's fun to think about if nothing else.

That said, I should go ahead and bring to your attention the latest piece that I just stumbled upon: falling in love can cost you friends...

What, you ask?

Basically, here's the deal: an Oxford University study says that a person's main group of friends, which is estimated to be five people, suddenly drops by two when someone starts dating someone steadily. Apparently, when more that 500 people were polled, researchers found that a person's support network was reduced, with an average of one family member and one friend being pushed away to make room for the significant other. So far, the study's seen a lot of traction, with pick up in places like Time, BBC and The Washington Post.

Hmm. Have to admit this made me think about my own friendships. And, I have pals that do tend to curl into into a little ball once they get into a relationship. It's like them and their partner and suddenly there isn't enough time like there used to be...

It's awesome to fall in love... But, if the study really holds true on a much broader scale, it's actually kind of a bummer to find out that some friendships fade. Although, if the friendships were that strong, would they fade a bit?

In any event, I can say that falling in love and changing friendships are just a natural part of the cycle -- which means some shifting is inevitable. You just gotta hope that you're keeping the people that matter close by.

And, as for the ones that may be the "casualty" and get pushed away? Well, hopefully... Ideally... The strongest friendships find their way back to each other.

Ideally, that is. (I like to think so.)

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