Craigslist removes its 'adult section' - finally!

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If there is one thing I've always found compelling, it's how easy (since the internet era especially) it is to get access to sex. Seriously. It's like you can turn on your computer and there are ads screaming at you for online dating or hook-ups or there are pornographic movies there ready to be watched... And it sells. A LOT. In volumes.

There is nothing wrong with sex itself, of course. But, when it's overly accessible, then... Well it gets a little too seedy.

So, when I hear this weekend that Craigslist shut its 'adult section,' I couldn't help but feel it be a good thing...

Reported just about everywhere today (including, the Cliffs Notes of it all is this: attorneys general demanded to have the site removed, since the site couldn't block potential ads promoting prostitution or child trafficking.

When I heard this, I couldn't help but chuckle. I mean, what else would you expect with such a public forum? In all honesty, I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner.

But ultimately, removing this section does, on some level, eliminate one portal of immediate access to sex. May not be such a bad thing, right?


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  • Personally, I think this move will put an end to prostitution, which we all know did NOT exist before 1995 when Craigslist was started. I am also glad that the US has been able to learn a thing or two about internet censorship from the Chinese and the Iranians. Maybe this lesson can be applied to other areas . After all a little more censorship "May not be such a bad thing, right?"

  • Jenina, I can understand your happiness, but it is definitely misplaced AND misguided. First of all, removing those ads from Craigslist does NOTHING and I MEAN NOTHING to stop prostitution or sex or advertising for prostitution or sex. There are thousands upon thousands of other sites to go to. There are also many, many NEWSPAPER personals available to anyone who wishes to pick up a free copy or version of the City Paper (you know those free papers you can get from the rack at places like Panera)! Those newspapers are free, free, free and there are absolutely no restrictions on who can view them because even an 8 year old that can read can see them. Perhaps you are happy because you think that Craigslist was one of a FEW services that offer ads. You would be sadly mistaken if you thought that. The only thing this did was offer the government a way to say they are trying to do something. Other than that, it does absolutely nothing to stop anything. Prostitution is the oldest profession for a reason - because men AND women want to have sex for money. PERIOD! Personally, I see absolutely no difference between a girlfriend and a prostitute except that one of them is guaranteed to get something out of the deal while the other is not.

  • In reply to hatetoregister:

    For both @ejhickey and @hatetoregister: Points very duly noted. While my immediate reaction was simply approval at the removal of this one space (kind of how a lot of those nude type bars were cleaned up from 42nd St. in New York -- a relief to many New Yorkers, let me tell you), I think it's clear that this does not eliminate the business of sex for money. And, I do also understand how this can be considered some type of censorship.

    However, that said, I would say that the main thing I was trying to convey -- and apologize if that didn't come through -- was that if there were confirmed cases of something like child trafficking on the site, shutting down one portal to help the process would be a good thing. Not solve it, of course. But have one less space out there nonetheless.

    I do wonder how this will play out and I know I'll continue to follow it closely. The discussions on something like this have only begun. But I would say that we're a very long way from removing the easy access to sex, too.

  • In reply to TheRelationshipDiva:

    Some kind of censorship? Wake up! THis is blatant censorship. THIS is DANGEROUS, it clearly states freedom of speech is over. this could very well be the beginning of the end. FREEDOM of expression is our last freedom. IF this continues, all artists, writers, EVERYONE will be censored, including the writer of this column. Take some time to read the First Amendment. You are not taking this issue seriously.

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