Chicago's a top five city for online dating? Go figure!

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Newsflash to all you Chicago daters: You're in luck! This is actually a pretty good place to be for online dating, according to some news. Apparently, the Windy City is ranked fourth in using online dating at, preceded by Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

The press release, which hit just a few days ago, was distributed to coincide with the end of summer, spotlighting the fact that Miami singles using contacted each other the most between June and August -- just in time for summer lovin'.

What's even more interesting, according to an interview that did with ABC Online: they also credited the dating rush to an increased use of their smartphone app, which makes those users even more active than the ones that only use the service from a computer.

Other cities that round out the list: Washington,
Dallas, TX; San
Diego, CA;
Phoenix, AZ; Boston, MA and

With this data floating out there, there is definitely an argument in support of online dating. Granted, I'm still from the school of mixing it up a bit. But, knowing that the odds are pretty good here are encouraging.

So, maybe it's worth it to give online dating another whirl? Could be!


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  • They need to control for population. Since Chicago is the third largest city in the US (I think), being the fourth most active on isn't anything special.

  • Point taken. However, I think the only reason I found it amusing is because I comment on online dating from time to time, although I didn't expect it to be even that high on the list!

  • In reply to TheRelationshipDiva:

    Yeah, I've heard other people say that the Chicago online dating scene isn't great compared to the competition. I wouldn't know, though, since I've never tried online dating anywhere else (and haven't seriously tried in Chicago either).

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