A frugal lady is a sexy lady!

Woman doing finances

I'll admit it: I have been turned off by a guy that keeps too tight a wallet, especially on a first date. Now, don't misunderstand: Having taken care of my own finances since the age of fifteen, I'm not one who cares for too much flash or a guy that throws around cash as a form of seduction. However, that said, placing an order through a clown's mouth on date #1 is not the way to say "Take me now."

But, it looks like a guy doesn't seem to mind if a woman is a little frugal --- or so says the findings of a new survey by ING Direct USA, which the NYDailyNews.com recently wrote about... (And which I found while visiting YourTango)

Specific insights from the survey that NY Daily News highlighted:

  • 61% of the men surveyed found a frugal blind date "sexy" and "smart." However only 44% of the women did. (Random thought: Something tells me that the female stat may likely skew high in big cities like New York, L.A. and Chicago... I wonder)
  • 68% think women are better at managing household finances, but 60% think men are better at managing investments. (Random thought: Seems a touch stereotypical, but interesting nonetheless)
  • 50% are intimidated about investing in the stock market, but men are less so than women (Random thought: Again, same as above, but who knows?)

While I totally encourage you to check out the NY Daily News story, I can't help but wonder if this kind of thinking can be considered kind of a double standard. Isn't it wrong that we expect things of one gender but not the other? I mean this applies to many things, too: Sex, the workplace, and so on. (And we could be here for a while!)

But, on the other hand, it could be as simple as this (and I'm into this one): A lady that is concerned about holding on to her dollars is probably:

  • Responsible in other elements of her life
  • May be more likely to be practical with household finances if she were to become his wife or long-term mate

Plus, extra cool for guys? She won't blow through her man's money. That, in turn, can add another layer of trust to a relationship.

Then there's this whole recession thing... And well, it's a little cooler to save money these days, don't you think?


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  • Yes, but I think it's cool to save money in all economies. The only reason I am able to be a stay-at-home mom is because I am good with money. I handle all the bills, shopping, and investments in our household. It is a rare occasion when we buy something that isn't on sale and that teaches patience to everyone. That's still a virtue right? :) Also, I put a roof over their heads, clothe them, feed the, and love them, but my kids are responsible for earning money through chores or jobs for anything outside of that. That said, sometimes we go a little crazy...we do take family vacations (which still entail me cooking 2 out of 3 meals) and the kids are all active in competitive sports. I definitely think it's easier to be married to someone who is responsible with money, but it's also easier when that person is the woman. I don't know, is that sexist?

  • You know, I definitely agree with you on saving money being easier, especially when one half of the relationship is especially good at it. It makes all the difference in the world, really. Whether it's truly a woman? Well, conventional wisdom tells us that it usually is, mainly because we're so darn sensible. :-) But, it definitely seems like with your lifestyle, you've made it your business to be that savvy -- which I totally appreciate! It IS cool to save money!

    That said, I'm open to any random bits of advice or wisdom you're willing to share. Always ready to learn.

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