Using sex to get ahead? For many, it's not out of the question

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So by now I think we can all agree that this whole Montana Fishburne Sex Tape Ordeal is ancient news (heck, it may have been considered old ten minutes after the news hit). And, while I find the whole thing unoriginal after gals like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton had their moments of "fame" thanks to sex tapes, I do think it was an interesting stunt that pulled her out of the shadows.

It's this very thing that poses an even bigger question: How far would you go to get to the top? And, would you be willing to use sex to do it? (which is always quick to share weird stats) decided they would find out what some of the Gen Y crowd would do by polling its members.

Apparently, sex is NOT out of the question: out of the nearly 3,000 members of the site that were polled, it looks like 64 percent of women would make a sex video or take nude photos to break into a career. And what's more: 74 percent of both men and women agreed with Montana Fishburne's decision to release a sex video.

Other funky tidbits include (a) 45 percent of women would sleep with their teacher to pass a class and (b) Only 42 percent of male members of the site agreee that they would make a sex video public to break into their careers.

Have to admit -- not feeling the idea of using sex as a bartering tool. Besides, it's most fun when you're actually interested in the person  And, what about the aftermath? Sure, sex tapes are interesting to read about and may be fun news. But, the lasting effects are far from sexy. Plus, future kids of these "stars" can google their parents, a topic FOX just covered on its website. Talk about traumatic.

Besides, there are some things that are best left behind closed doors -- and NOT documented for the world to see.

About the gallery: Enjoy the little snapshots of celebs whose sex tapes have gotten them very noticed in the last decade. Even though Fantasia Barrino and Danielle Staub are currently making headlines about their own rumored tapes, the ones outlined above definitely set the stage for the sex scandal tactic we've come to enjoy laughing about these days.

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