She Says #004: Even more dating tidbits ladies wish men knew

Women standing in bar

In the early stages of dating (or even just meeting someone on a random night out), remembering a couple of little things can make the difference between a second date and a slap in the face. Not hard things to remember, mind you. But still useful little tidbits nonetheless.That's what I've been calling "She Says"-- small tidbits to help navigate the single scene and dating in Chicago and, well... Everywhere!

Thus far, they've come from the ladies... But, guys, always welcome to the thoughts you have about what you wish women knew, too. After all, there is no doubt we can benefit from your pearls of wisdom.

That said, this week's "She Says" -- after the jump, of course.

Compliment appropriately: Of COURSE this sounds logical. However, you'd be surprised at how many guys take the bold approach and make a comment about the body. They may think it's a genuine compliment. But to a lady it could send the wrong signals, sexualizing her as opposed to something a bit safer like her eyes or her smile.

So, save the sexy for later...

Until next time... Happy dating! Go land yourself a number or two.

Got any dating insights you wish potential dating prospects knew? Feel free to e-mail it to shesays [at] for inclusion in the next round! 

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